As the prominent advocate for businesses in the Northern Territory, Chamber of Commerce NT, with its extensive engagement across all business sectors and regions, urges the Northern Territory Government to collaborate and partner with them in fostering an integrated, Territory-led approach to enhance regional liveability throughout the Territory.

By strengthening regional liveability, we ensure that businesses in the regions have the necessary support to establish, survive, and flourish. This, in turn, leads to increased investment opportunities, growth, and the long-term sustainability of businesses. Ultimately, this collective effort drives economic development across the entire Northern Territory.

Regional businesses in the Northern Territory are currently facing challenges due to skills development and labour shortages, which are impeding the growth and prosperity of our regions. Additionally, there are significant disparities in economic and employment growth across different geographic locations within the Territory. The population growth experienced in certain areas is placing strain on infrastructure, public transport, and housing.

To address these pressing issues, immediate investment is required to empower our regions and enable them to sustain growth and foster innovation. By allocating resources to skills development, labour market initiatives, and targeted infrastructure projects, we can support regional businesses, alleviate labour shortages, and promote balanced economic development across the Northern Territory. This proactive approach will help to create an environment where regions can thrive and seize opportunities for continued growth and prosperity.

The Chamber’s key focus areas for this sector are:

  • Advocate for the continuation of the housing development scheme to expand housing supply and improve planning in Regional NT, ensuring an adequate supply of housing to meet the growing demand.
  • Advocate for funding to establish a targeted, industry-led initiative called “Living it up in the Regions”. This initiative aims to attract new regional residents, including young people, to work in industries facing labour shortages.
  • Develop a comprehensive Regional Manufacturing Strategy to provide funding and support for local manufacturing industries, fostering growth and enhancing capabilities within the sector.
  • Make significant investments in regional infrastructure, including digital infrastructure, and essential services to accommodate the recent population growth in the regions.
  • Streamline support for regional Territory businesses to enhance their ability to secure and access procurement opportunities. This can be achieved through the establishment of a central coordinating body, such as the Industry Capability Network (ICN), to provide comprehensive support and guidance.

A copy of the Chamber's Living it up in the Regions Campaign can be found HERE

Pillar Three: Business Safety and Security

In 2022/2023 the Chamber of Commerce NT conducted a Transport Study in the Central Australian Region.

As part of the study, we identified several challenges and barriers for the business community, particularly for those operating at night. Challenges included safety and security for taxi/private hire/shared drive operators, lighting in the CBD, anti-social behaviour and long wait times for car transport (due to the listed challenges for drivers).  The Chamber is currently working with the community and key stakeholders on idea's, activities, infrastructure that support people moving in and around Alice Springs in a safe and timely manner. To do this we are conducting a survey and welcome the whole of community to participate. - let us know your thoughts HERE

If you would like to have a chat about transport in Central Australia or transport around the NT please email: [email protected] 

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