10 Reasons to Join the Chamber of Commerce

It Will Change the Way You Do Business!


Meet More People and Do More Business by Networking

Personal relationships, referrals and word of mouth is very important in the NT. Choose from over 130 networking opportunities per year and develop valuable contacts at events, briefings, awards, seminars, lunches and more.


Be In the Know

Tap into a stream of local business information with Chamber newsletters, Industry Council information notifications, legislative advice and changes, info briefings and up-and-coming events and opportunities.


Chamber Membership Brings Credibility to your Business

Be recognized as a contributor to the business community. Use your Chamber membership to demonstrate this commitment and elevate your standing in the community.


Training Seminars for you and your Staff

Continuous improvement is critical to business growth. We develop skills and capabilities though free and discounted training seminars, online courses, advice, business accelerators and other programs.


Find New Customers in the Chamber Network

On joining, your profile will be sent to 10,000 Chamber contacts to boost your visibility. Networking will grow your referral network, and you can also trade within the exclusive Member2Member group.


Lower your Costs

You can access a vast number of services, activities, events, training courses, programs, and awards. All are free or discounted. You can easily recognize the value from your membership investment.


Find New Staff

We help locate new staff for you from overseas and locally. Our programs provide end-to-end service to assist with the uncertainty of long-distance recruitment, migration, and post-placement support.


Lower your stress from staff workplace issues

Our team of highly experienced workplace advisors advise hundreds of Chamber members on solutions to workplace problems. You get free or discounted advice, only when you need it.


Influence Government Policy

The Chamber is the leading business advocacy group in the NT. Get involved and add your voice to the lobbying strategy of the business community and influence government policy.


Become a thriving business

Ultimately our mission is to see your business thrive. We take the time to get to know you and your aspirations, then we do everything we can to help you attain your business dreams.

To discover how the Chamber can benefit your business contact us for a friendly, no obligation discussion at:
E: [email protected], P: (08) 8982 8110