The Northern Territory has long been the poor cousin with respect to enabling infrastructure primarily due to our vast land mass and sparse population. However, with a strong focus on closing the gap for indigenous Australians, social impacts of developments influencing decision making instead of pure financial outcomes and the strong contribution the NT can make towards clean energy outcome has seen a shift in this thinking.

Infrastructure serves as the connective tissue that links goods, services, and people to markets, employment opportunities, and recreational activities. The accessibility and high standard of infrastructure not only influence local investment and employment choices but also contribute to the appeal of the region for investors from other states and countries.

To maintain the liveability of the NT and meet our future commercial requirements, it is imperative that we sustain a significant and sustainable infrastructure pipeline. This will not only create employment opportunities but also ensure that our infrastructure keeps pace with the changing needs of our growing population and economy.

The Chamber’s key focus areas for this sector are:

  • Ensure existing major infrastructure projects are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Identify and pursue further opportunities for asset recycling and sustainability.
  • Advocate for a fair share of Federal infrastructure funding for the Northern Territory.
  • Make a sustained investment in the NT’s waste and recycling industries and infrastructure to develop markets for recycled materials and reduce the amount of waste.
  • Accelerate urban and regional infrastructure planning needs, including housing, to support population growth and jobs in the regions.