Driving Trade Opportunities between Georgia and the Northern Territory Business.

The Chamber of Commerce NT was very pleased to receive the Ambassador of Georgia to the Commonwealth of Australia, Mr. Beka Dvali on Tuesday, 30 January 2024.  The Chamber NT CEO, Mr Greg Ireland, led the discussions, which included trade needs and logistics – including promoting NT products and lifestyles.

Georgia is a transcontinental country in Eastern Europe and West Asia (positioned between Turkey and Russia) and has been one the world's earliest known locations of winemaking. While Georgia also exports a wide variety of other agricultural products, steel alloys, and petroleum, it is a well-known tourist destination with stunning scenery, national parks, and historic buildings.  Georgia had double-digit economic growth in 2023.

There is trade potential with Georgia in Tourism, IT communications, and power electrics.  Georgia is undertaking major projects to develop a power connection to Europe to sell their growing hydropower industry.   

Also present in the meeting was Mr Daryl Guppy of the NT’s International Business Council, and Rohan Badenhop and Mark Newman of the Chamber NT’s Business Councils.  As there are only about 2000 Georgians in Australia, and not many in the NT, the Georgian Embassy is very much trade-oriented, and this visit is an acknowledgment of the importance of the Northern Territory.  The Ambassador saw the importance of the Chamber’s team as a pathway to achieve those important business-to-business introductions. 

If you would like to learn more about the opportunity to expand your international trade to Georgia, don't hesitate to contact Rohan Badenhop, Industry Councils Manager at [email protected].